Monday, 6 October, 2008

Paln's stand on Iraq war and great leaders

I wached the 90 min. VP debate in TV.
One statement really striked me and could not find any reference on this in any of the news analysis on any medium..
Its the answer Palin gave on America's future plan on Iraq war. She replied that 'It will be complete surrender to withdraw troops from Iraq without 'winning' the war'!!!

It sounded very unprofessional and naive. Its like a great nation takes 'success'/'surrender' in a very personal manner!

What you menat by surrender?? I think the greatness lies where someone admits his/her mistake and accept the failure. The talks of surrender or defeat is utterly childish here....

Whom you are fighting in Iraq?? what's the objective fighing there? you entered ina wrong place and removed a stable goverment ( the govt was right or wrong is secondary). you created instability and you are not able to create stability - because you are an outsider!!!

We lack great leaders who understand their responsibility and position in history and power!!! even in US this is the problem... Or is it the problem of this century..

We do not have great leaders in world politics now - take any country - who has a vision about mankind's future.

That's the real tragedy and risk that humanity faces now :(


Georgekutty said...

Hello James :-)

I don't think the upraoar against Iraq war from Americans was due to any moral ideology. The Americans were concerned, because their children were sent to war front , their economy suffered. Otherwise American's won't bother about happenings which doen't hurt their financial interests. We had too many instances , they spoiled large volume of wheat just to maintain the prices while lakhs of children were starving in Africa.

The second point you raised is lack of good leaders. I don't fully agree with you. Because , history is always written for the winner. So we don't know who are the real greats.

The lack of great leaders can be mainly due to compratively easy way of life. Watching the hardships of slave system made Abraham Lincoln a great leader , the sufferings of fellow citizens made Gandhi and Nelson Madela epics.. Now human beings are well treated, the countries continue a good mutual understanding and they extend hands to support each other. But these too are purely bases on the business aspect.
Do you think India will cut all connections with Pak and declare a war against it .. NO.. We need business between them .. the wars and Terrorist attacks seems to be a trick of Weapon traders ..

One important thing that made normal persons life wannable is the dialution of Church's power. If church was strong , then Bush Can't attack Iraq and M.A. Babay would have been removed from his seat. I consider it a as a positive thing ..

achAAyan said...

Thanks for your comments.

I agree with you on Iraw war and US interest.

About great leaders - I beg to differ. I was not a supporter of Great Man theory.

The point which I wanted to stress was the vision of a person when he faces an issue or decision.

Just read what Gandhiji / Nehur written by themselvels and their ideas and compare with our current leaders. See how narrow they have become in their vision or how short term is their perspective!!! I wanted to stress that point and from that perspective - we lack good leaders in Kerala / India or in international levels in the realm of politics.