Sunday, 12 April, 2009

Is it good to study Computer Science now?

I am being asked by this question by students or parents of students for last couple of months.. They want an opinion - is it good to study IT now. They hear that its recession everywhere, IT companies are not recruiting etc...

Short answer - YES. If opting for computer science or a career in IT was good in couple of years back, its still good in coming years also.
reason : Some one needs an MCA or BTech in getting a job in tier-1 software companies. For a student who completes +2 now, it will take next 4 - 6 years to get a BTech or MCA. The current crisis should be settled by then. Will the hiring spree (spell java - get a job), be on same line after this crisis in IT? Not sure. During 1998 - 2000 and 2005-07 there was a huge demand for s/w engineers in India. demand was high and supply was less for programmers(good or bad). But, during next demand spurge (expected in 2012-2014) for IT professional in India, the scene going to be bit different because of the following factors
- there will be a sizable pool of professionals by then.
- s/w professionals are ageing. more experienced people will be available in market with much less cost.
- Salaries are going to be stabilised for roles (not for number of years of experience, as currently practiced) in IT - A much awaited correction.
- still demand rules the market ;)

What ever it is, IT professional are still going to enjoy the salary advantage against other professionals or fields in India - because of the fact that its an export oriented business.

Long answer : It does not matter. The times have changed. Do not study just for a job. Jobs are plenty now-a-days. Even if you studied BA -Malayalam (considered to be the least job oriented course), you will get plenty of offers from all these media /communication houses ( TV channels, radios, news papers etc), if you are REALLY GOOD IN THE SUBJECT.

My advice - One can excel in a area of subject which he enjoys doing. If you enjoy studying History, Economics or Computer science. Please go ahead and get a graduation in respective fields. Do not worry about the job future. Read more about the subject out side the syllabus. Be a master in the subject. and enjoy speaking about the subject... be passionate about it. You will get a career and money.

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