Sunday, 24 February, 2008

I am a professional, that too an extremely good one!!!

( Originally dated : 23rd Jan, 2008 )

Some times, we stop and think about the real meaning about the words which we have taken for granted. 'Professional' is one word which is in my mind for last few days. Today I decided to understand the real meaning of it and spend some time for the same.

The word meaning of 'Professional' as per dictionary is as follows :
(adj) following an occupation as a means of livelihood or for gain
(noun) a person who is expert at his or her work

So, I should be an 'expert at my work' to be called as a professional.

Now, I googled to get what the world think about professional. Here are two articles which I found interesting.


The essence of this article is as follows :

1. Professionals are responsive
2. Professionals are knowledgeable
3. Professionals care about what they do
4. Professionals teach you something


This is a big article about 'software professionalism' - take your time ( or print it out ) and read it. But, the essence of the article summarizes in the last paragraph. Let me quote here for your easy reading.

"If the work is noble, the catalytic function that is management of that work is even more noble. We need to assert and re-assert the essential respectability of what managers do. It is not a far-fetched contention that management is a noble calling. What could be more admirable, more professional, than the manager's most essential tasks: guiding, forming, coaching, and inspiring people, building healthy corporate culture and safe and productive teams? We will never succeed in building professional awareness among programmers and analysts and designers and testers and integrators, unless we also succeed in fostering a professional awareness among their managers."

So, my confusion is over.

I am an expert, I am responsive, I am knowledgeable, I care about what I do, I teach my team & my customer something. I guide, form, coach and inspire people and help building healthy corporate culture and safe and productive team.

So, I happily realised that I am a professional - that too an extremely good one!!!



Anonymous said...

I'm happy we care abt professionalism, which helps us be more responsible day by day.

Mads said...

This was a nice read,really professional :)