Saturday, 1 March, 2008

Even Rama, Still being Rama, had to kill Ravana!!!

Its about good versus bad.
Truth versus lie.
Positive versus Negative.
Divine versus Evil.

When bad people are playing really bad games, politics against you - what should you do, if you are a decent, polite, good-nurtured person and you have the responsibility of protecting your ideologies and people against these evil forces??

When confused with these kind of moral or philosophical questions while facing day to day challenges in the world where you are leading a set of people or when you have to make decisions - its always better to go back and understand what our great civilization and philosophy teach us.

Rama is considered as a emblem for goodness. He is the 'sarvothama' - complete man. The epitome of goodness, decency, politeness - words are not enough to praise his positive qualities. But, he too had to face Ravana and kill him - though killing is an act which is considered an ultimate crime even then. But, that's regarded his most celebrated act of bravery, best thing that he did to humanity and that event created one of the largest and popular epic in the world which is told and read by millions of people for thousands of years.

Rama was right - Morally and philosophically. He was a good person, but being good and kind did not make him weak. That was his strength. He knew that he has left with no other option but to wipe out evil force to save his people, protect whatever ideologies for which he stood for.

Same philosophy applies in this time as well. Please don't allow bad people to take advantage of your goodness, your straightforwardness and your decency. These qualities are not your weakness, they are your strength.

Face the bad people or their worse tactics with your goodness. In this age, you can not kill anyone physically. But, be firm, be stern and be clear while facing these people. Some times, you have to be even rude with them. Do not feel bad. They deserve it. Your firmness in actions against them will save your ideologies, protect your people.

Being good may not necessarily mean being soft always. Be really firm with bad people.

Remember what the great epic and our great culture teaches us:

Even Rama, Still being Rama, had to kill Ravana!!!



achAAyan said...

When it's a battle between good and evil, i dont think there's a choice ... kill them if needed!

Tishy said...

Nice one James. Keep writting.

Mads said...

Nice Blog James. But in today's world the question is who is Rama and who is Ravana.

itsMJhere said...

Nice thought..chetto

Rajiv Mathew said...

great blog james. loved it!

Leanne said...

Good post.